‘Energy use is going to fall’ says ex-BG boss

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‘Energy use is going to fall’ says ex-BG boss

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Energy use is going to fall, says the former Head of Domestic Energy at British Gas.

Stephen Beynon spoke to ELN at our Power Ride 1000K cycling challenge yesterday. He said the transition to a low carbon energy system is now in motion and will continue to develop over the next ten years.

He told ELN that both residential and business consumers have always been keen to use less energy and this is only becoming more of an issue to them as time goes on.

He said: “I think the energy sector is poised for an awful lot of change over the next couple of years. I think that it’s been held back over the last few years in the residential sector and I think that in business to business there’s now a true focus on innovation to use less energy. I think the combination of those two things means the next five years will probably have a lot more change than the last five years.”

Mr Beynon was one of 35 cyclists who rode a total of 1446 kilometres as part of ELN’s charity event for Parkinson’s UK and for our own relief campaign Re-Energise Nepal.

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