Energy sector powers forward with job satisfaction

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Energy sector powers forward with job satisfaction

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Workers in the UK’s environment and sustainability sector are more satisfied with their jobs than the average person in the country.

That’s according to global sustainability body the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), which suggests almost 70% environment and sustainability professionals say they are satisfied or highly satisfied in their jobs.

The report adds the national average satisfaction level of UK workers stands at around 64% – it claims energy workers are happier because of a number of factors, including rising pay, stable employment and career mobility.

Despite various global uncertainties such as Brexit and President Trump’s environmental policies, 56% of energy workers say they are optimistic about tackling the challenges ahead, up around 13% on the same time last year.

Under-30s proved slightly more sceptical, with around a third saying they are unsure what difference they can make in the face of so many challenges.

Around 64% of the sector’s professionals want to see evidence of stronger political leadership on environment and sustainability issues this year, with 51% saying the same for corporate leaders.

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