Energy firms cook up clean fuel with old oil

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Energy firms cook up clean fuel with old oil

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A new pilot plant in the UK is converting used cooking oil into biodiesel.

Innovation provider CPI has partnered with Green Lizard Technologies (GLT) to turn old oils into low-sulfur biodiesel feedstocks and a range of other useful chemicals that can be used to make soaps, healthcare products and detergents.

The facility in Teesside works by displacing the fatty acids from oil into water, allowing them to be easily separated.

These are then used as a sustainable alternative to conventional petroleum and diesel fuels, which are harmful to health and the environment.

The completion of a 10,000-litre capacity plant is expected by 2019.

Professor Martin Atkins, CEO of Green Lizard Technologies, said: “Waste oils are becoming an important resource for second use chemicals rather than burning directly in fuel.

“It will enable users of cooking oils and large commercial fryers to dispose of their wastes effectively and in the knowledge they will be used for other high value applications.”

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