Energy consultants challenge Octopus’ survey findings

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The Energy Consultants Association (ECA) has highlighted potential concerns regarding a recent survey conducted by Octopus Energy.

In the survey, Octopus Energy reportedly made assertions about the energy consulting sector.

The ECA, as a representative body for energy consultants, has taken a closer look at the survey’s methodology and conclusions.

The ECA has pointed out several aspects of Octopus Energy’s survey that it believes deserve further examination.

Among these points is the assertion that Octopus Energy does not collaborate with brokers, a claim that the ECA suggests might not align with their own observations.

Additionally, the ECA questions the methodology of the survey itself. It raises concerns about the potential lack of transparency in the criteria used for the survey and the specific questions posed.

The ECA emphasises the importance of transparency to ensure a clear understanding of the survey’s outcomes.

Furthermore, the ECA addresses the extrapolation made by Octopus Energy regarding broker-related issues.

The ECA finds the assertion that every UK business faces such issues to be implausible, considering the vast range of businesses and their individual circumstances.

Energy Live News has reached out to Octopus for comment.

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