Empire State Building efficiency makeover saves $2.4 million in first year

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The energy efficiency makeover of New York City’s iconic Empire State Building has saved $2.4 million dollars in reduced costs in its first year.

According to Johnson Controls, who undertook the project along with Jones Lang LaSalle and Rocky Mountain Institute, the retrofit project is ahead of its plans and has exceeded its year one energy efficiency guarantee by 5%.

Johnson Controls guaranteed energy savings from the makeover through a $20 million performance contract with the building owner. If savings are not made, Johnson Controls has to pay the difference between the actual energy consumption and that guaranteed under the control.

“The results are just beginning to pay off while at the same time creating a new model for the world to follow,” says Dave Myers, president of building efficiency at Johnson Controls.

The project has now completed the core energy efficiency improvements on the building, including window refurbishment, new building controls and a chiller plant retrofit, with retrofitting of the office space finished off as tenants move in.

When all the office space has been upgraded, the building will save $4.4 million a year – a 38% reduction in energy use that will cut carbon emissions by more than 100,000 metric tons over the next 15 years.

Building tenants have access to a web-based energy management systems and an overwhelming majority are committed to doing their bit, says Ray Quartararo, international director at Jones Lang LaSalle.

“Our work at the Empire State Building demonstrates that a major reduction in energy usage can be cost-effective in terms of energy savings, and can enhance a building’s appeal to tenants,” he adds.

Anthony Malkin of the Empire State Building Company says that the project was undertaken “first and foremost” as a business decision to save money and is already delivering on its promise.

“[But also] we have a proven model that shows building owners and operators how to cut costs and improve the value of their buildings by integrating energy efficiency into building upgrades,” he says.

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