ELN proves the sector cares!

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ELN proves the sector cares!

Thank you from the ELN team.Thank you from the ELN team.

We did it! Actually, we surpassed our 1,000-kilometre target as we sat on our backsides for charity today.

The aim was to ride a two-kilometre circuit at the Redbridge Cycle centre and complete a staggering 500 laps to reach the goal!

We had a mix of keen cyclists and amateurs from the energy industry for the Power Ride event and managed to cycle more than 1,446 kilometres, thanks to everyone who joined us today in making that happen.

We are raising money for Parkinson’s UK and for our own relief campaign Re-Energise Nepal, which was launched following the devastating earthquake that hit the country on April 25th last year.

We have so far managed to raise more than £480 and counting at this event. Many thanks to everyone who supported our cause and donated.

So what did our friends in the energy industry think of the day?

Well, some thought it was a great opportunity to get out and active with a group of like-minded people and support a good cause, others said there was a “fantastic atmosphere and great people”.

One particular person was humiliated for being lapped by a squirrel, another though the cake breaks were the “best bit” and some wanted the track flatter!

All in all, it was a great day with the weather on our side too!

Many thanks to our sponsors BIU, British Gas, CNG, MEUC, Open Energi and TOTAL. And once again, a big thank you to everyone who donated!

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