ELN at AVEVA PI World Amsterdam 2022: “Fossil fuels are not going away”

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Fossil fuels are not going away but carbon reduction is happening.

That was the view of Peter Herweck, the Chief Executive Officer of AVEVA, one of the world’s biggest companies in industrial software.

I spoke to Peter in Amsterdam during the large conference where delegates gathered to discuss about business sustainability.

Mr Herweck said: “They (fossil fuels) are not going to go away, but of course, everything that will be newly built is going to be completely carbon-neutral.

“I think it’s a combination of all the three things, new built, what’s existing and also expansions. The population is growing, energy hunger is growing and we need to do it in a way that will conform with the Paris targets.”

Mr Herweck joined AVEVA as Chief Executive Officer in May 2021 from Schneider Electric, where he led their global Industrial Automation Business and was Vice Chairman of the AVEVA Board of Directors.

He added that the situation with the current war in Ukraine and the energy price crisis brings net zero more into focus.

He said: “The discussions on the security of energy are very new or let’s put it this way they have been augmented in the last three months.

“There is of course the fear that certain other things like sustainability or carbon footprint will take a number two or number three or number four position because other things have become more important.

“In talking with our clients, if you go to the right level, they also look into the future and they know it’s going to be decisive to make sure that their companies have a sustainable future.”

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