Electronics giants call for on EU to speed up Ecodesign

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Electronics giants Philips, Electrolux, Bosch and Siemens are calling on the European Commission (EC) to speed up the rollout of Ecodesign regulations so that more products are designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind.

The Ecodesign Directive sets minimum energy requirements for over 40 groups of products, including TVs, boilers and fridges.

According to an analysis by Ecofys, commissioned by Dutch green group Natuur Milieu, a more effective energy efficiency directive could save businesses and consumers €90 billion a year, while reducing CO2 emissions by 400 million tones and reducing the EU’s total energy consumption by nearly 20% by 2020.

But the electronics companies, who issued a statement yesterday with the Coolproducts coalition, say the current Ecodesign Directive will fail to meet this potential.

The statement calls on the EC to set clear priorities for products, along with clear deadlines, and improve market surveillance and enforcement.

The companies also want to see good quality data used to draw up new standards and more manpower devoted to the effort with the EC.

“We believe that Ecodesign can deliver massive savings and at the same time be beneficial to European economies,” says Edith Molenbroek, senior consultant at Ecofys.

Ecodesign takes the most inefficient products off the market, say the companies, while the Energy label stimulates investments in innovation.

The combination of the two could have a positive effect on the market in this time of austerity, and create up to a million jobs a year if cost savings are reinvested in other sectors of the economy.

Stephane Arditi, coordinator of the Coolproducts coalition, says that it is up to the EC to unlock the potential of these energy efficiency regulations.

“NGOs have been showing the amazing potential and value of the Ecodesign Directive for years and we’re delighted companies are now following suit in calling for stronger regulation,” she says.

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