EC calls for coordinated approach to renewables

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The European Commission is calling for a more coordinated approach to the support and use of renewables beyond the region-wide target of 20% renewables by 2020.

In a Communication adopted yesterday, the Commission urges the establishment of a solid framework beyond that deadline to give regulatory certainty to investors.

The “lack of certainty” on the direction of future policies is hindering progress, says the Commission.

The approach risks missing out on growth in renewables that generate up to 3 million jobs, boost GDP and save over €500 billion in oil imports.

The EU should be focusing on four main areas for renewed efforts, says the Communication: addressing the energy market and the need for generation incentives that integrate renewables; making support schemes more consistent across the region; encouraging cooperation among member states; and particularly cooperation across Mediterranean states.

“We should continue to develop renewable energy and promote innovative solutions,” commented Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger. “We have to do it in a cost-efficient way. This means: producing wind and solar power where it makes economic sense and trading it within Europe, as we do for other products and services.”

Beyond 2020, the Communication urges setting milestones for 2030 as soon as possible to enable renewables to play a more competitive part in the European energy market.

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