E.ON customers can compare energy use with the Joneses

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E.ON customers can compare energy use with the Joneses

Posted on 01 October 2013 by Priyanka Shrestha

E.ON customers can now compare their energy bills with households of a similar size and type and against the most energy efficient homes in their areas.

The energy firm has joined forces with US company Opower to launch the ‘Saving Energy Toolkit’ – an online platform which will provide tailored advice to consumers and help them understand their energy usage and encourage positive behavioural change.

The toolkit will give households a breakdown of where and when energy is used in their homes, including a “what uses most” chart that splits their current usage into heating, lighting, hot water, appliances and other uses.

It will also show householders their monthly energy use compared to around 100 anonymous E.ON customers in their local area while also detailing how energy use changes monthly – showing how bills have been affected by weather and usage.

Tailored hints, tips and energy goals will also prompt people to reduce their energy use. A report earlier this year claimed householders could cut their consumption by 7% if they compared it with similar homes.

Anthony Ainsworth, Sales and Marketing Director at E.ON said: “We’ve been speaking to our customers and it’s clear from these conversations that there is wide-scale enthusiasm to have more insight and understanding about their household’s energy usage.”

E.ON isn’t the first energy firm to use Opower’s software in the UK as Warwick-based First Utility announced its collaboration with the US company last year.

Opower, which has used the platform in seven countries, claims to have helped customers make more than £200 million of energy savings.

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