Do you have a ‘green’ idea worth €500,000?

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Do you have a ‘green’ idea worth €500,000?

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Are you an entrepreneur with a ‘green’ business idea? Would you like the chance of scooping up €500,000 (£417,398) for it?

Well, a new competition launched today will help you do just that – develop the product or service and help bring it to market.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is inviting entrepreneurs to bid for the cash with products or services that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is capable of being brought to market within the next two years.

One or two runners-up will also be awarded €200,000 (£166,959) as part of the competition which is open worldwide.

International Programmes Strategy Director Co-founder of The Climate Group Jim Walker, who is one of the jury members said: “Innovation is key in fighting climate change. The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is an incredible platform for innovative products and services not just because of the prize money but also because of the global exposure and valuable network.”

The final submission date for the business plan is the 3rd of June.

Last year’s winner Ginger Dosier took home the grand prize for her brick production process – her company BioMASON offers a clean alternative to the existing firing process that generates massive carbon emissions worldwide.

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