Diesel drivers ‘overcharged despite cheaper wholesale prices’

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Diesel drivers in the UK are still being overcharged for their fuel despite a 4p per litre reduction in price throughout April, according to RAC Fuel Watch data.

The wholesale price of diesel was cheaper than petrol for the entire month, yet diesel remained far more expensive at the pumps.

Diesel costs 159.43p per litre on average in the UK, compared to petrol’s 146.5p – a difference of 13p per litre.

The RAC believes that diesel drivers should be paying a maximum of 143p per litre for their fuel, given the wholesale price.

This means that drivers are paying an average of £9 more per tank than they should be. At the end of April, the average price of unleaded petrol at one of the big four UK supermarkets was 142.99p – 3.5p cheaper than the national average.

Diesel was 156.68p, down 3p since the start of the month.

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesman, stated that diesel drivers are being unfairly treated: “Diesel drivers across the UK mainland continue to lose out badly at the pumps.

“They’re paying 13p a litre more for the fuel than petrol, despite diesel being cheaper for retailers to buy on the wholesale market for all of April. This just isn’t fair for the country’s 12m diesel car drivers.”

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