Demand management trial earns London organisations £150k

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Demand management trial earns London organisations £150k

Posted on 03 October 2013 by Tom Grimwood

A commercial trial of demand side response (DSR) in London has saved its participants £150,000 according to energy demand management company KiWi Power.

Hospital, hotels, water treatments plants, public sector facilities and commercial buildings all took part in the scheme which pays them to change their electricity demand.

The companies participating in the £28.3m Low Carbon London project run by UK Power Networks altered their energy use 45 times over the course of the summer trials. They changed energy use by a total of 47 MWh earning £150,000 between them all.

They turned down non-essential energy use or running standby generators in response to signals from UK Power Networks. Those running combined heat and power units were also asked to raise or drop grid consumption.

As well as DSR, Active Network Management (ANM) was also tested in London over the summer. By monitoring and controlling the grid in real time, ANM lets energy companies make better use of existing spare capacity for DSR, renewable energy, energy storage and other controllable resources.

Several London hotels took part in the trials. John Conlon, Senior Director for Facilities and Project Management for Marriott International Europe said: “We have successfully been able to turn down some of our non-essential systems for up to an hour without any negative impact on business operations or customer comfort levels.”

Ziko Abram, Director and Co-founder of KiWi Power said: “We are now working with UK Power Networks on an upcoming winter trial, as well as helping our customers optimise their demand response participation.”

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