Dear Santa… Energy gift voucher unwrapped for Christmas

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Dear Santa… Energy gift voucher unwrapped for Christmas

Posted on 18 December 2013 by Vicky Ellis

Never mind a book voucher from Aunty – some Brits may be getting an ‘energy gift card’ this Christmas.

That’s after a money saving website put just such a voucher online after a survey found 73% of Britons would appreciate help with their energy bills as a Christmas gift.

Website polled 1,689 UK bill-payers aged 18 and over.

Asked whether they would put money they were specifically given towards paying a household energy bill, nine in ten (89%) said they would. The remaining 11% said they would most likely end up using it on something else.

Half (51%) of people said they would consider giving their friends or family money towards paying an energy bill as a Christmas gift.

The new ‘energy gift card’ can be printed out and given alongside a cash sum as a Christmas present to friends and family. Results suggest some people might feel awkward about giving one as a present.

George Charles, spokesperson for the site said: “We’re not surprised by the results that more Britons would be willing to accept an energy gift than give one, because people don’t want to risk offending the recipient.”

He added: “It’s worth remembering that we’re all in the same boat in terms of household costs and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving someone the gift of energy this Christmas.”

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