Cuadrilla CEO: Most fracking objections from outside Lancashire

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Cuadrilla CEO: Most fracking objections from outside Lancashire


The vast majority of objections against fracking in Lancashire are from outside the county, the head of Cuadrilla claims.

CEO Francis Egan told ELN around 98% of the adult population around the area where the company is planning to drill offered “no opinion” on the planning process.

He believes fracking is “not only good but essential” for the UK.

“If we are to satisfy our heating needs and energy needs in the UK, we’re going to need natural gas and it is much better developing in this country in a safe and responsible way, as it will be, rather than importing it from thousands of miles away”, he said.

Mr Egan went on: “The demand is certainly there – North Sea production is in very sharp decline and so there is a big need for it to get it off the ground here.”


The Environment Agency has granted Cuadrilla the environmental permits for shale gas exploration at both the Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood sites in Lancashire.

The fracking firm is currently in the process of providing new information following concerns over excessive noise and traffic disruption, with Lancashire County Council due to make its decision at the end of April.

Mr Egan said the company is “hopeful” it will get a position response.

On what he expects following the general election, he told ELN: “Whichever party it is, or parties if it’s a Coalition, they’re going to be faced with a situation where we’re running out of domestic energy. And shale is got to be part of that solution. I’m not saying it’s all of the solution but it has to be part of it.”

The full interview will be published on ELN tomorrow.

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