Could we soon see a rise in water bills?

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Could we soon see a rise in water bills?

Posted on 31 July 2013 by Priyanka Shrestha

Consumer will have to fork out the cash for water companies to invest a total of £250 billion to renew the industry’s infrastructure.

That amount of investment is needed, according to Eddie Spencer, Head of water at Schneider Electric Professional Services (SEPS), in order to bring the infrastructure – pipe works, reservoirs, vehicles, IT and waste water treatment facilities – “up to scratch”.

He told ELN the water industry currently invests around £27 billion every five years which could mean another 50 years’ worth of investment to implement the upgrades.

Mr Spencer said consumers need to look at other measures to cut bills as they can’t switch water providers, expect in Scotland. He added: “Realistically you’ve got to look at water efficiencies… and look at optimising your bill – speaking to suppliers, speaking to consumer groups and regulators and trying to find out how you can save money.”

For large water users, he suggested looking at introducing a water management strategy.

Mr Spencer added: “Try and find out what are the risks, the obligations and opportunities to your business and harness the expertise you’ve got in your business and identify gaps of knowledge and if there are any gaps then look elsewhere to outsource some of the work.”

Earlier this month a new study found showers make up a quarter of households’ water consumption.

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