Costs fall in French onshore wind tenders

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Costs fall in French onshore wind tenders

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Costs have fallen in the latest tender for onshore wind projects in France.

That’s according to new data released from the country’s government, which shows 22 projects have successfully secured a total of 508MW in clean capacity.

The weighted average winning price was €65MWh (£58), lower than the current tariff of €72MWh (£64) for smaller projects and the €82MWh (£73) Feed-in Tariff previously awarded.

The tender-winning developers will be able to sell their renewable electricity with guarantees on revenues for 20 years.

For the first time, projects were eligible for a bonus if they were partially crowd funded – a third fell into this category.

France welcomed the results and said it would extend the competitive tender model to a wider range of wind farms in the future – it previously only applied to those with more than seven turbines or a capacity higher than 3MW.

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