Cornwall could host UK’s National Solar Centre

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The BRE and Cornwall Council in the south west of England are joining forces on a proposal for a National Solar Centre in the region.

The planned centre near St Austell would work with the solar industry to collect data and evidence from installations across the country to boost the sector’s proficiency and give confidence to end users.

The body of knowledge gathered by the centre would be used to help optimise the long-term performance of photovoltaics and create quality, design and technical standards.

The centre would also develop training and educational programmes for designers and installers of solar systems and establish a recognised hub of expertise.

The BRE and Cornwall Council are currently applying to the European Regional Development Convergence (EDRF) programme, an initiative which aims to support growth and development in the least developed regions of Europe, for funds.

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have been earmarked for over £450 million in funding under the programme for 2007-2013.

“If our bid is successful we will create a fantastic project that will act as a catalyst for green growth producing long term economic and environmental benefits not only for Cornwall and the South West, but for the UK,” says Nick Tune, the BRE director leading the project.

Cornwall is to be the home for the UK’s first solar energy farm and also boasts a wave energy test site with plans for a new marine energy park.

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