Copenhagen to install 20,000 green streetlights

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Copenhagen to install 20,000 green streetlights

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Copenhagen plans to install 20,000 energy efficient LED streetlights.

The ‘smart lamps’ will replace around half of the existing bulbs – their introduction is expected to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by 57%, equivalent to the annual consumption of around 4,500 Danish households.

To avoid waste and offset the costs of the upgrade, the local government is auctioning off the traditional 1970s-era lamps as they are taken down.

Many people want to have one for their home and more than 3,000 have already been sold for an average price of €92 (£80.4) each.

The new lights are not only more energy efficient but will also be fitted with smart technology in the form of a ‘communications module’.

This links the lights to a central control centre and allows them to be dimmed at quieter times and brightened when a cyclist approaches a junction. This is a useful feature in a city where half the population commutes by bicycle.

A London council is also to start making its streetlights more sustainable.

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