COP26 Live: Low carbon short-haul flights jet off!

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A group of 20 airlines has today committed to flying more sustainably in the future in a bid to minimise the sector’s carbon footprint.

The commitment made by companies, including easyJet, Air New Zealand, Air Nostrum, Alaska Airlines, Finistair, Icelandair will see nearly 30% of the aircraft serving shorter-range routes to be electric or hydrogen-powered.

The airlines plan to make this commitment happen either by creating new aircraft designs or retrofitting their existing fleet.

The signatories, operating more than 800 aircraft and carrying over 177 million passengers on 1.8 million flights a year also call on governments to support these technologies.

Timothy Reuter, Head of Aerospace and Drones, of the World Economic Forum, said: “By accelerating the adoption of solutions with fewer climate impacts, we can ensure equitable growth around the globe while ensuring a healthy planet for future generations.”

Two days ago, British Airways announced it powered the first transatlantic flight after the pandemic with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Earlier this month, a new report forecast the demand for SAF will increase more than 30-fold by 2025.

The global aviation industry produces around 2% of all human-induced carbon dioxide emissions.

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