Consultation opens for energy system of the future

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The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has launched a consultation on electricity networks’ plans to deliver a smarter, flexible and more decentralised energy system.

The organisation claims such a network could save consumers as much as £40 billion by 2050.

Ofgem, BEIS and all of the UK’s and Ireland’s electricity network operators are part of its Open Networks Project, which aims to lay the groundwork for a nation-wide smart grid.

The consultation presents a number of different models to work out how existing infrastructure such as pylons and substations will interact with smart, flexible services managing new technologies such as electric vehicles, smart meters, battery storage and renewable generation.

The ENA says the system of the future could range from a decentralised structure where local electricity grids enable regional energy markets to balance supply and demand at a local level to a more centralised system where co-ordinating local energy resources happens on a national scale.

Randolph Brazier,Head of Innovation and Development at the ENA, said: “As we move towards our smart decentralised systems of the future, many stakeholders will see significant change and evolution of their roles.

“Stakeholder feedback is therefore key to this consultation.”

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