CCC urges government to support green jobs to achieve net zero

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The Climate Change Committee (CCC) has called on the government to prioritise green jobs in its efforts to achieve net zero targets.

The CCC estimates that between 135,000 and 725,000 net new jobs could be created in low carbon sectors such as building retrofit, renewable energy generation and electric vehicle manufacturing.

However, the realisation of these jobs is not guaranteed and would require significant reskilling efforts, according to the CCC’s report.

The committee’s call highlights the need for the government to take proactive measures in supporting green jobs and ensuring a smooth transition to net zero.

To successfully achieve net zero, the CCC believes that changes in the UK workforce are essential.

While the transition to net zero has already generated around 250,000 new jobs, effective policies are needed to maximise employment benefits and manage potential risks.

Lord Deben, Chairman of the CCC, emphasised the importance of ensuring that the transition to net zero benefits workers and creates secure employment opportunities.

Lord Deben said: “This is a unique moment to tailor our approach to skills and jobs, in the certainty of achieving the legal goal. A net zero workforce means secure employment for the future. This is an opportunity for the government to bring real meaning to ‘levelling up’.”

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