Carbon Trust to develop carbon management software

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The UK’s Carbon Trust is joining forces with Chicago-based CRedit360 to develop software to enable businesses to better manage value chain carbon emissions.

The carbon management software will go beyond simple measurement and offer the capability to calculate and interpret carbon emissions, as well as make recommendations on reduction activities.

Carbon footprinting usually only encompasses direct and indirect operational emissions, also known as Scope 1 and 2 emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.

But the new systems will also include Scope 3 emissions, including full life-cycle emissions from suppliers to consumers and end-of-life emissions.

The Carbon Trust says being able to take into account value chain carbon emissions can help businesses improve their brand, reduce costs, mitigate risk and boost revenues.

“There are significant business benefits to be gained through having visibility of your value chain emissions,” says the Carbon Trust’s John Whybrow. “[But] the sheer volume of data involved means that how you identify, collect and store the right sets of information over time, which can then be analysed in a meaningful and accurate way, is critical to success.”

He believes that the collaboration with CRedit360 will yield a reliable and intuitive software system for businesses, which will be “game changing”.

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