California and Massachusetts top US energy efficiency charts

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California and Massachusetts top US energy efficiency charts

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California and Massachusetts are the most energy efficient states in the US.

They shared top spot in rankings devised by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

For Massachusetts, this is its sixth consecutive year in first place, though this time it has to share the accolade with the ‘Golden State’

According to the ACEEE, the two states are in front on energy efficient transport policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, they are taking steps towards green buildings and taking the lead on heat and power policies.

Massachusetts is also recognised for its energy efficiency programmes and policies for the utility sector. The state adequately fund energy savings targets to drive investment in the industry.

California is also highlighted for setting appliance standards, having adopted them for more than 100 products. Within the past year, it became the first state to adopt standards for LEDs.

Vermont, Rhode Island and New York are in the top five.

Steven Nadel, Executive Director at ACEEE said: “Governors, legislators, regulators, businesses and citizens are increasingly recognising that energy efficiency is a critical state resource that keeps money in the local economy. The past year has been an exciting time for energy efficiency, with several states strengthening efficiency policies and programs.


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