Businesses ‘struggling to live up to their green targets’

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Businesses ‘struggling to live up to their green targets’

Posted on 13 September 2013 by Vicky Ellis

Businesses large and small are struggling to live up to their green commitments, the chief executive of a leading UK energy management firm has told ELN.

While many firms are quick to jump on the good PR generated by publicising plans to slash carbon emissions or reduce their energy use, some are finding it hard to make good on these.

That’s according to the chief executive of Schneider Electric’s UK-based Energy Management Services business.

In an interview at the Energy Event in Birmingham this week, Martin Stephenson said: “They’re making bold statements at times, which is pleasing.

“However what we’re starting to see is that there’s no true strategy or clarity in their actions to get to their goals,” he added.

Part of the problem could be that businesses are unsure of how best to collect and deal with “big data”.

Mr Stephenson explained: “We’re finding more and more end users have disparate means of collecting their energy information. It’s either on Excel spreadsheets, on Word documents or existing databases… pieces of paper”.

He said his consultancy advises businesses to try and bring all these together into an “information system” to better cope with ever increasing quantities of data.

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