Businesses must be confident in their supplier says CNG

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Businesses must be confident in their supplier says CNG

Posted on 02 November 2013 by ELN reporter

Businesses must be confident in their gas or electricity supplier – and part of a supplier’s job is to help them see past “myths” about technology.

That’s according to gas company CNG which believes energy companies have a role in helping build stronger, more sustainable businesses.

The comments come at a time when energy price rises in the headlines are forcing more and more businesses to look closely at their supplier.

Martin Needham, Head of Sales (Non-Core) at CNG says: “Customers need to feel confident in their supplier, so we encourage ours to actively engage with the team, learn about their supply patterns, understand their demand and offer clear communication about what they can expect from us as their gas provider.”

Customers today are so “bombarded” with information about technology which isn’t available yet and in some cases not even likely to be made viable to the masses.

Mr Needham explains: “Our job as their supplier is to help dispel the myths, educate them on their real choices for supply and provide clear and concise information about how we intend to develop as businesses and meet future energy and utility supply challenges.”

Keeping in touch with customers is one reason why CNG is sponsoring the Energy Live 2013 conference, he adds: “is delighted to be supporting the conference. It is vital that we, as the businesses at the forefront of the energy industries take opportunities such as this to come together, debate and share best practice.”

Communication is also behind CNG’s investment in a new website: “This new online portal creates an opportunity for customers to engage like never before and importantly allows us the ability to monitor more closely what is important to our customers through patterns of behaviour, queries raised and what parts of the new, improved functionality they tap into most readily.”

CNG is sponsoring Energy Live 2013 at the London Film Museum next Thursday.

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