British Gas continues offering 50% off electricity bills

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British Gas is continuing to provide customers with a 50% discount on their electricity bills as they extend their PeakSave Sundays scheme until the end of December.

Customers have the flexibility to choose whether they wish to adjust their regular routines to benefit from additional savings on energy-intensive tasks.

This extension means that customers can take advantage of discounted electricity rates not only during the festive season but also on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Since the launch of PeakSave Sundays, more than 250,000 customers have collectively saved nearly £1.3 million.

Beyond the cost savings, participants have played a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions by 52 tonnes and shifting 1116MWH of electricity consumption to Sundays, contributing to a more sustainable energy grid, the energy supplier has said.

Catherine O’Kelly, Managing Director of British Gas Energy at British Gas, said: “The results from the summer have shown that half-price electricity on Sunday is helping our customers save and it’s shifting usage away from peak times.

“We’d expect to see even more benefit in the winter months as home electricity use is generally higher.”

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