Brighton and Hove to bin beach litter

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Brighton and Hove to bin beach litter

Image: StreetsAhead

A new campaign aims to clean up Brighton and Hove by binning beach litter.

The #StreetsAhead movement hopes to encourage the responsible disposal of rubbish and ultimately prevent it being washed away in the sea and damaging ocean life.

To raise attention to the issue a giant fish made from litter, waste rescue lifeguards and a trash converter to trade trash for treats were installed on the beach over the bank holiday weekend.

Campaigners say 80% of local residents are fed up with the amount of litter in the area and claim 93% of the public think it can ruin communities and neighbourhoods.

The campaign, which is funded by littering fines, says people should always use bins, pick up other people’s rubbish if they see it lying around and if necessary take it home.

Richard Bradley, Assistant Director, City Environment Services said: “We clean a shocking amount of litter from Brighton Hove’s beaches – up to five van loads every day.

“As well as being an unsightly blight on our beaches, we can be sure that more rubbish blows into the sea before we can get to it, posing a hazard to marine life.”

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