Boris wind jibe bashed by future Green peer

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Boris wind jibe bashed by future Green peer

Posted on 17 September 2013 by Vicky Ellis

Boris Johnson’s criticism of wind power has been slated by a Green Party member who is set to become a peer in the House of Lords.

Writing in the Sun newspaper over the weekend, the Mayor of London suggested in an article called “Turbines won’t do job… let’s go nuclear” that wind farms are a “disease” and the turbines will be insufficient for Britain’s energy needs.

Instead the former MP and rumoured leadership hopeful for the Tory party proposed nuclear power and ‘fracking’ for shale gas as a solution for the country’s energy supply.

But Jenny Jones – who was named as the Green’s nominee to get a Working Peerage a month ago – yesterday hit back at the wind jibe.

Ms Jones, a London Assembly member said: “Instead of putting enough resources into measures such as home insulation that will cut our energy demand, and into renewables such as wind turbines, the Mayor is gambling our future by backing risky technologies such as nuclear and fracking.”

She pointed to London’s own wind farm (pictured, being installed) as a sign Mr Johnson is wrong: “Contrary to the Mayor’s condemnation of wind turbines, the London Array generates enough power for half a million homes.”

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