Baltimore bins smarten up

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Baltimore bins smarten up

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A network of smart rubbish bins are to be deployed in Baltimore, with the aim of increasing collection efficiency.

The US city has announced it will spend $15 million (£10.6m) on rolling out 4,000 of the sensor-equipped, solar-powered receptacles – they will let sanitation workers know if they are need of emptying via Wi-Fi.

The city hopes the so-called CleanCUBEs, manufactured by technology firm Ecube Labs, will reduce the volume of litter dropped around full bins and mean lorries have to drive less distance on their routes.

The project will start with 150 bins in the South Baltimore Gateway area before expanding across the city in three stages.

Michael Son, Chief Financial Officer of Ecube Labs, said: “We strongly believe that Ecube Labs’ technology will increase the city’s waste collection efficiency tremendously, as one CleanCUBE is just as effective as six traditional trash receptacles that are already out on Baltimore’s streets.”

The city has also deployed around 250 air monitors across the city to monitor air-quality at neighborhood levels and is considering installing a ‘trash wheel’ in its river to scoop out waste.

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