Air quality scheme for London’s West End launched

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Air quality scheme for London’s West End launched

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A new scheme which aims to encourage businesses to drive improvements to air quality across the West End has been launched.

New West End Company designed the initiative alongside Cross River Partnership and has already being backed by firms such as Longchamp and Grosvenor.

The scheme aims to address concerns about the growing levels of air pollution through actions that can be taken by businesses in the West End to reduce congestion and the emissions of harmful gas into the environment.

Its priorities include converting fleets to low emission vehicles, encouraging low-emission building design and installing green infrastructure in them to help filter air pollutants.

Steve Medway, Managing Director Trading Environment at New West End Company said: “As the West End competes globally with other retail destinations, air quality becomes more and more crucial in providing a pleasurable experience for both visitors and residents, not just from a health point of view but also from a public realm perspective. Collaboration from businesses across the West End is crucial in taking action that reduces pollution.”

Earlier this week, London Mayor Sadiq Khan proposed plans to charge £10 for the most polluting vehicles entering the capital.

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