A new dawn for ELN….

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I’m delighted to say that tomorrow you’ll find yourself looking at a very different Energy Live News.

We are launching our new look website which will be far more user friendly and will show much more content, it will also be reactive and so it will work on your smartphones and tablets.

When we launched almost four years ago, we believed the ethos of great journalism and quality film-making would bring this sector to life. We continue to think that’s the case but over the last few years things have changed, our audience has changed too. We used to be read only by the energy professional but we now have more and more casual readers, with no background in energy turning to us, to get an insight into the field.

So we are changing our motto.

Energy Made Easy is our new mantra.

We want everyone to understand what is happening in this vital world and so we’re launching a new series of short films called ELN Easy Guides, these will be regularly updated and give you a basic understanding of some of the key issues in energy. We particulary want to encourage students and young people who maybe thinking about a career in energy, to watch these films so they can learn the nuts and bolts of how things work.

We will launch with three guides; the energy markets, the story of the big 6 and the story of renewable energy. Watch out for many more in the coming weeks and months.

For the energy professional we have made some changes too. We will have some different news categories and introduce two new ones, smart data and markets and finance, we believe the changes to the energy sector warrant us covering these topics in more detail.

We will continue to have a daily market update so you can see what’s happening in energy trading and a whole section dedicated to blogs.  You will also find a new section called case studies, here you will see videos and text stories showing best practice.

We want to get more interaction and so there will also be a daily poll where you can vote on the topic of the day, it’s all a bit of fun but we know you like to express your opinions!

We will also bring you relevant news from other sources so you can keep abreast of the whole sector here. We want ELN to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to energy and all matters relating to it.

Unlike other sites ELN will always be free and our news will be accessible to all.

But we have listened to our readers, especially energy managers who have repeatedly asked for more thorough coverage of issues around legislation, best practice and advice and so very soon, we will launch an exciting portal called ELN Insight. This will be a subscription service offering in-depth content that the energy professional will crave!

Finally we will continue to bring you the best tv reports covering the sector and daily news updates so you never miss out. We have launched a new facebook page and we will soon update our linked-in group and of course we hope even more of you will follow our news on twitter.

ELN is here to give you the best service we can when it comes to covering energy and I hope the new website will show you how much we have to offer and help you understand this sector even better.

Thank you for your continued support and please do spread the word about what we do, particularly to the younger generation whom the sector so desperately needs.


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