10:10 calls on schools to ‘crowd-source’ funds for solar panels

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The 10:10 campaign group, which was set up to encourage individuals and organisations cut their emissions by 10%, has launched a new initiative aimed at helping UK schools ‘crowd-source’ funding for solar panel installations.

The organisation piloted the scheme last year with eight schools, which raised some £75,000 in pledges from parents, community groups and local businesses. Five of those schools have now installed solar arrays, including one primary school in Reading that raised £11,000 in just three months.

Now the crowd-funding model is being rolled out to a wider audience. From today, 10:10 is inviting schools to put their name forward to be considered to take part in the scheme, depending on the suitability of the school’s location.

10:10 will help suitable schools survey their site, gain the necessary planning approvals and give them access to a fundraising platform and marketing toolkit.

Because the school raises its own funding for the solar array, it will own the system and can benefit fully from the energy it generates as well as the payments received through the feed-in tariff.

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