Where can you earn the most from your solar panels?

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Brighton seems to be not only seagulls’ favourite place, but also the best place for solar panel installations.

New research by Comparethemarket suggests the city can offer consumers the biggest potential savings, of up to £195.27 a year, on their energy bills.

Analysing factors including sunshine hours, average electricity consumption and the price of electricity in the UK’s 30 largest towns and cities, the research found that Brighton was the city that saw the highest amount of solar energy produced per building with panels of any of the cities surveyed, with 1,097 kWh generated over the course of a year.

The city is followed by Plymouth and Bournemouth, where solar panels have the potential of saving £190.08 and £189.18 respectively every year.

The report suggests the top six cities are all located in the south, while Cardiff is in seventh, seeing potential savings of £172.04 per year.

Peter Earl, Head of Energy at Comparethemarket, said: “Though some areas will benefit more than others, installing solar panels can help to save money wherever you live, as well as help to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, providing a great long-term investment to help you save money and the planet at the same time.”

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