Water debts don’t have to be so draining

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Water debts don’t have to be so draining

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Too many people “suffer in silence” and struggle to pay off their water debts without asking for help, it was claimed today.

The Consumer Council for Water is urging households finding it hard to pay their bills to seek help from their suppliers to resolve debts.

Barbara Leech, Policy Manager for the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) said: “People don’t know there is help available and suffer in silence.”

Water companies are offering customers who are struggling to pay their bills more flexible options but people are not as aware of the help available to them.

Ms Leech added: “It is important for consumers to maintain their relationship with their water supplier.”

According to the CCW, customers could be eligible for the Water Direct scheme, where a set amount is deducted from income benefits to help clear any arrears.

Water companies have also set up trust funds and other schemes to help clear debts.

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