Water bills forcing customers into hot water

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A third of customers are struggling to pay household water bills.

An Ofwat report estimates that this proportion jumps to 51% when looking at those with children aged 11 or under.

More strikingly, four-in-ten customers are worried about money over the next six months.

The picture becomes even more gloomy as the research suggests just 16% of customers are aware of any financial support offered by water companies.

As the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on households’ finances continues to bite, customers are more than three times as likely to pay bills by credit card than ask for help, according to the Ofwat survey of 2,100 bill payers.

David Black, Interim Chief Executive at Ofwat said: “Customers are making difficult decisions, with some turning to credit cards to cover their bills. Water companies need to be active in seeking out and providing help to those who need it the most, especially during these unprecedented times.”

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