US announces $150m to cut emissions from energy tech and manufacturing

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $150 million (£112m) in funding for research on increasing efficiency and cutting carbon emissions from energy technologies and manufacturing.

It will support topics in basic chemical and materials research, including new clean energy approaches, which are expected to help towards the development of solar and nuclear energy technologies, energy storage, carbon capture and novel manufacturing processes.

In addition, the funding will support research underpinning DOE’s Energy Earthshots initiatives, including the Hydrogen Shot which aims to decrease the cost of producing hydrogen; the Long Duration Storage Shot which seeks to cut the cost and boost the duration of grid-scale energy storage; and the Carbon Negative Shot which targets cost reductions to remove and durably store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

US Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said: “Rapidly deploying existing climate technology while cranking up investments in early-stage climate research is the one-two punch we need to build long-term resilience to the climate crisis and meet our 2050 goals.

“From discovery to deployment, this research funding will draw on the talent of American colleges and universities to expedite the development of new technology that, paired with our current arsenal of climate solutions, will be key to tackling the climate crisis while creating good-paying jobs and bolstering American competitiveness.”

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