UK renewable electricity generation up 30% in 2013

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UK renewable electricity generation up 30% in 2013

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Electricity generated from renewable sources rose 30% last year, according to the latest energy statistics from DECC.

They accounted for nearly 15% of total energy generation – a 3.6% rise from 2012.

Onshore wind continued to be the leading renewable technology for electricity generation, providing 32% of the total while offshore wind generated a further 21%. That means 7.9% of the UK’s electricity was generated by onshore and offshore wind last year.

Bioenergy capacity also increased by 27% or 800MW as a result of coal-fired power plants being converted to biomass.

More than 5% of the UK’s total energy usage – electricity, heat and fuel for transport – came from renewables.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey believes investment in renewable energy is paying off.

He added: “Having a strong UK renewable sector helps to reduce our foreign imports of energy, improving our energy security as well as helping us tackle climate change and creating new hi-tech green jobs.

“A green energy future that once seemed impossible for Britain is fast becoming a reality.”

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