UK Oil and Gas seeks environmental permit to explore site in Arreton

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UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) has applied for an environmental permit to explore a proposed new well site in Arreton, Isle of Wight.

The permit, if granted, would allow UKOG to operate at the proposed site for a period of three years and to drill an exploratory borehole and one side-track borehole.

Natural gas produced during the well testing would be incinerated in a temporary onsite flare and oil, water and surface water produced would be collected and removed from site for further use, treatment or disposal.

The Environment Agency has launched a public consultation – which will run until 9th July 2021 – on the new permit.

An environmental permit sets out stringent conditions that all oil and gas sites must adhere to and it will not be issued if it is considered that activities taking place on the site will cause significant environmental pollution or harm to human health.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “Public consultation lets people and organisations take part in our decision making. We welcome specifically, comments on environmental and health issues and where people have particular local knowledge.

“We take all relevant comments into account when making our decisions using information on the potential environmental and human health impacts of the proposed activity. Our officers have the specialist knowledge required to assess this application.”

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