Solar to power Attenborough film at Glastonbury

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Solar to power Attenborough film at Glastonbury

Image: Paul D Smith/ShutterstockImage: Paul D Smith/Shutterstock

A David Attenborough film screened at Glastonbury Festival is to be powered by renewable energy.

Solarcentury donated 30 panels with a capacity of 7.5KW for environmental group Greenpeace’s ‘Virtual Reality Dome’.

The solar panels will generate enough clean energy to power the whole dome for the duration of the festival, which opens today and runs until 26th June.

The movie to be showcased is about the Great Barrier Reef, which green campaigners believe is under threat from mining and climate change.

Bob Wilson, Special Events Organiser for Greenpeace said: “This year’s theme for the Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury is ‘Ending the oil age – Greening our cities’. We are aiming to show what the future is like beyond the age of oil and how we can preserve life as we know it by switching to low carbon technologies and by re-greening our cities.”

Solarcentury added it hopes the panels will encourage people to think about how clean electricity could power their homes and workplaces.

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