Solar Impulse completes Atlantic crossing

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Solar Impulse completes Atlantic crossing

Image: Solar ImpulseImage: Solar Impulse

The zero fuel aeroplane Solar Impulse has landed in Spain, completing the Atlantic crossing.

It landed in Seville this morning after a 71-hour journey which started in New York on Monday.

The journey was initially expected to take around 90 hours.

Pilot Bertrand Piccard said: “The new world is the world of modern technologies, the world of respect for the environment, the world of innovation, the world of pioneers. This is the world that Solar Impulse and its team would like to represent, would like to promote. So we really hope that this flight synchronises the flights from the old world to the new world.”

The journey is part of the aim of achieving an around-the-world-flight on the 17,000-panel airplane.

The team is now looking into a new route to fly to Abu Dhabi where it’ goal will be achieved.

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