Scotland could be a green ‘powerhouse’

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Scotland could be a green ‘powerhouse’

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A new report suggests the Scots have it in them to generate virtually all their energy from renewable sources.

The report, commissioned by wildlife charity WWF Scotland claims coal, gas and nuclear power is not needed for secure supply in Scotland. and this could make it a renewable ‘powerhouse’ by 2030.

It suggested Scotland could become a main exporter of renewable energy if it cut down on its current consumption.

The ‘Pathways to Power’ report based on analysis by engineering consultancy DNV shows the country already has over 7 gigawatts (GW) of renewables operating and a further 6.2GW in the pipeline.

Climate and Energy Policy Officer for WWF, Gina Hanrahan said: “We need to see the phasing out of conventional generation in Scotland, clarity about the future market for renewables across the UK and more emphasis on demand reduction and storage in Scotland so the vision can be achieved.”

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