Scheme offers free e-scooter rides for NHS workers

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NHS employees are able to ride e-scooters for free as part of a new trial scheme in Stafford.

The initiative aims to test new technologies that can radically improve mobility and air quality across Staffordshire.

The University of Hospitals North Midlands Trust (UHNM) is claimed to have become the UK’s first NHS provider to be part of this e-scooter trial.

As one of the largest employers in the area, UHMM is estimated to contribute to 3.5% of all road travel in England, including transport needs of patients, visitors and suppliers to the NHS.

That equates to 14% of the NHS’s total emissions.

Jessica Brownsword, Sustainability Manager at UHNM, said: “This makes it easier for visitors to choose a healthier journey and encouraging staff to choose greener and more active travel options.

“Being a part of this innovative trial goes a long way towards achieving our travel plan objectives and improving local air quality, a key focus for all Staffordshire authorities, through reducing our contribution to carbon emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles coming to the site.”

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