Robert Llewylln

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Robert Llewylln


Robert is an actor, comedian, presenter and writer, perhaps best known for his role as Kryten in the hit BBC Comedy series Red Dwarf and as co-presenter of Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge.

His home grown internet video series Carpool aired online and on Dave before returning to its online roots after receiving sponsorship from Toyota GB. He also curates Fully Charged, another online series which discusses renewable energy issues and reviews electric cars.

Robert’s other presenting roles include How Do They Do It? (Channel 4), Hollywood Science (Channel 5), God’s Millions (Reef Television), The Gadget Show (North One Television) and Top Trumps (History Channel).

Robert joined the cast of Red Dwarf in 1989 and has continued in the role until 2016’s eleventh series. He was also the only original British cast member to participate in the American version. His other TV and film credits include The Cornerhouse (Channel 4), M.I.High (BBC) and Mirrormask.

Robert is also the author; he has written biographies, screenplays and four novels.

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