Norway’s gas plant outage reduces flows to UK

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Norway’s gas plant outage reduces flows to UK

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There was a reduction in gas flows into the UK yesterday as one of the compressors processing gas at the Troll field in Norway was shut.

That’s according to the daily market report from npower, which revealed gas flows were reduced to around 35 million cubic meters. It has however picked back up this morning, Client Portfolio Manager Gemma Bruce said.

“Worries that the standoff between Russia and the Ukraine would result in the reduction of gas supplies to Europe have also eased and therefore a lot of the premium built into the price at the start of the week have been removed”, she added.


She went on: “We’ve also seen demand ease this morning as temperatures begin to improve back above seasonal normal levels and this is adding further to the system comfort.”

The power system looks similar to yesterday, Ms Bruce said, with a peak margin of around 11.5GW. The UK has also seen “very strong imports” via the French and Dutch interconnectors while wind generation is “fairly subdued at 1.5GW although it is expected to pick up to 4GW this afternoon”, she added.

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