New US energy efficiency standards for commercial fridges

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Businesses in the US are expected to save $11.7 billion (£7bn) on their energy bills by implementing the new efficiency standards set for commercial refrigeration equipment.

The Department of Energy estimates the standards will also help cut carbon emissions by around 142 million metric tons – equivalent to the annual electricity use of 14.3 million homes.

A large commercial refrigerator used in supermarkets can consumer up to 17,000 kWh of energy every year while a large commercial freezer can use up to 38,000 kWh annually.

The new standards will make the units around 30% more efficient compared to current standards.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said: “In our supermarkets and grocery stores, refrigeration can use almost 40% of total energy use – contributing a large portion of these businesses’ utility bills. By improving the energy efficiency of commercial refrigeration equipment – like restaurant-size fridges or the deli case at your local grocery store – we can make our businesses more competitive, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money.”

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