New 4MW gas peaking plant fired up

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A 4MW gas peaking power plant has successfully been tested and completed near Doncaster.

Suncredit Energy said the facility has been generating electricity since the initial testing phase and is now fully operational and optimised.

Peaking power plants generally run only when there is a high demand for electricity.

John Leith, Suncredit’s Development Director said: “SmartestEnergy have provided an optimisation strategy to help us secure the maximum value from opportunities in the short-term energy markets. We received the first notification to dispatch at 09:11 on 26/11/2018 and ramped up in less than 120 seconds.”

The company’s next peaking project, with 20MW of capacity, is currently under construction near Taunton and due to be delivered next year.

ELN recently visited the Ashford Peaking Power Plant, a 21MW facility located at Kingsnorth Industrial Estate in Kent.

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