M&S invites customers to invest in solar

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MS invites customers to invest in solar

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Marks and Spencer (MS) has launched a green energy initiative.

Members of MS Society are invited to invest between £100 and £100,000 to install solar arrays in up to nine stores across the country.

MS will buy the energy generated from the solar panels to power its stores.

It offers members a return on their investment at an interest rate of 5% each year. Parents and grandparents can also purchase shares on behalf of their children or grandchildren.

The initiative aims to educate customers on renewables and sustainability as each solar array will result in a reduction of CO2 emissions released by the stores.

Lydia Hopton, Plan A Project Manager at MS said: “This project is a great opportunity for customers to invest in green energy and help the environment while also supporting local community groups. We’re really excited that MS will be the first retailer to launch a scheme of this kind.”

Last week, MS announced it has reduced its energy consumption by 39%.

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