Managing European Non-Commodity Costs (NCCs)

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With our first in the series of quarterly European Non-Commodity Cost podcast episodes with Karin Corbani, Lead Analyst Non-Commodity Europe, Jeremy Nicholson, Corporate Affairs Officer finds out why energy costs are increasing, even when your business has an effective procurement strategy in place, and importantly, how you can look to manage and mitigate this increasing and significant proportion of your energy bill.

In this episode of the Resonance Podcast you will learn:

  • The importance of paying attention to non-commodity costs as an increasing proportion of energy invoice costs
  • Why are they increasing across European countries
  • Despite having an effective procurement strategy, why energy bills are increasing across Europe
  • Why common policies across the EU impact the non-commodity costs differently across EU nations
  • How non-commodity costs across Europe might impact businesses decisions of locating facilities across Europe, particularly energy intensive users
  • What businesses can do about non-commodity costs to mitigate increases
  • How a business can keep track of non-commodity costs for budgeting purposes and for managing them
  • How a business can ensure non-commodity costs are being charged for correctly
  • What the near-term issues and trends are in regulated costs

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