How to select a commercial solar panel installer

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How to select a commercial solar panel installer

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Businesses that have already installed solar panels are taking advantage of the huge benefits offered by solar panels and its not just from the significant financial savings.

Those who are running their business on solar energy have secured their future energy, protected their business from electricity price hikes and are winning contracts based on the new highly impressive green credentials. So when there are so many companies offering solar panels, how do you sort the chalk from the cheese?

Here are some points to consider when selecting a company to install commercial solar energy system.

Panel quality
High yielding panels usually offer the best value for money. Although they may be some of the most expensive available they can provide the highest ROI and payback will be sooner. The panel brand you choose will significantly affect the amount of electricity produced, the lifetime of the panel and the durability – consider the long term and not the short term.

Project management
Look for a solar installer who offers full project management from beginning to end. A good installer will complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf ensuring grid consents, completion of Feed in Tariff forms, DNO consultations and PPA negotiations.

Client references
Always ask a company for client references and check them out! Just like employing a new member of staff you want to make sure they are honest and trustworthy.

Product warranties
Ensure the solar panels, inverters and fixings offer warranties. Good quality solar panels should offer a 25-year linear power output guarantee, which should by the end of 25 years still be at 80% output or higher. They also need to be worth the paper they are written on, so avoid the tens of manufacturers’ heavily in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. The Altman Z score from Bloomberg is a good guide.

Solar installers with a good reputation will be MCS, REAL and NAPIT accredited. All ensure the installer follow strict quality processes and regulations. Be careful to check out the companies Health and Safety record and their experience with roofs, groundwork and electrical work.

Panel and inverter supplier
Find a solar installer who is not tied to a particular panel or inverter supplier. An installer should be able to offer different options when it comes to product brands so you can chose the right solution for your company.

The biggest advice on offer is to do your research on any potential company and the awards you will see from solar will be substantial.

Ben Harrison, Director at Mypower.

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